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While visiting the Library of Congress and the US Capitol, you may end up spending some time in the Barrack Row Neighborhood to strike off something on your itinerary. The neighborhood is diverse, comprising of both a restaurant and shopping spots, and also a popular military base. The historic streets of the Barrack Row can be explored while on your private Washington DC tours, by strolling through them and later getting a delicious meal at one of the eateries. Mentioned here are some most interesting things to do in this buoyant neighborhood along with shows and shops at your own comfort.

Shop at Food Hall Eastern Market

This historic eatery-cum-market is the real essence of the Barracks Row Neighborhood, from where you can get fresh produce of meat, handmade crafts, and arts along with prepared goods. Situated at 225 7th St SE, the construction of this hall was completed in 1873. Since then, it has remained a destination for shoppers.

Savor at Any Popular Restaurants

An array of numerous restaurants in Barrack’s Row had acclaimed by the national food media. A creative menu of Rose’s Luxury awaits you with pasta dishes and lychee salads. From the Matchbox restaurant, you get to have miniburgers and pizzas. Pop-tarts at Ted’s Bulletin are wholly homemade. A popular spot to eat your brunch would be the Belga Café, which serves fancy waffles.

Witness a Military Parade

The Marine Barrack in the neighborhood will showcase an exclusive Evening Parade. However, these are set up in the spring and summer season. Since 1957, the parade has continued to date and happens on Fridays from 8:45 pm to 10 pm. The troops that perform here are the US Marine marching unit, and the U.S. Marine band of the US President.

Marvel at the Local Art

A thriving art community exists in the eclectic neighborhood that can be admired at the art spaces and galleries of Barracks Row. Educational programs are arranged at the Hill Center, where anybody can attend their classes. Fridge DC is yet another gallery space in the neighborhood. Artists like slam poets would be performing here along with the sticker arts of the cultural center.

Travel around the Neighborhood

The famous base of Marine Barracks can be explored all by yourself, which are made available on Wednesdays right at 10 am. Nary an appointment is required for heading up to the Main Gate of the Marine Barracks of Washington. On top of that, poster-size signboards numbering 16 are placed around the neighborhood. Furthermore, the home of Emily Edson and the birthplace of John Philip Sousa can be visited.

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