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The capital of the US, Washington DC, is also one of the hottest tourist destinations in the world, thanks to the wealth of attractive tourist options. Thankfully, most of the major highlights in the city such as Rock Creek Park, the Tidal Basin, Georgetown, Washington Monument, National Mall, etc are located at and near its center, and hence easier to access.

Now, most tourists would wrack their brains trying to find affordable and safe means of transportation inside the city. One can either pick Washington DC bus tours or the metro rail service for this purpose, depending on convenience. Most people tend to choose the latter since it is time-saving. Plus, getting a transportation pass or Metro Card would make moving around even more comfortable, as well as cheaper.

It should to be noted that the Metrorail trains would be crowded with commuters most of the time, and not all of them honest and polite. Hence, there are many important points that you must keep in mind in order to stay away from dangers and hassles, if you are riding the metro in DC for the first time. Some of those useful points are listed below.

  • Always have a Metrorail map with you, so that you do not get confused when it comes to destinations or train timings. Once you got on a train, make sure to use the GPS tracking system, so that you do not miss your destination.
  • Get your metro rail tickets only from authorized sellers or machine. As mentioned earlier, the best option by far is to get a Metrorail card. Note that metro cards are available on the basis of time span such as 24hrs, 48hrs, 72hrs, etc. These cards will let you skip the long and tiring lines you see at a lot of stations.
  • You must be really vigilant of your surroundings, against the possibility of anti-socials and pickpockets around you. In case you find anything suspicious, best report it to a Metrorail employee or at a nearest police station.
  • Try picking a rail car that is well-occupied, or go for the first one, in which you get to be in sight of the train operator. Furthermore, try not to smile or make eye contact with strangers unless it you need to, because some people could see that as a sort of invitation.
  • If you lose your belongings or if someone snatches them from you, immediately report it to the Metro Transit police, along with the snatcher’s description.

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