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To visit the Franklin Delano Roosevelt Memorial is to travel back to a period in the history of America, rife with Great Depression and a global conflict. The memorial located along the National Mall is made up of four rooms, which stand for each of the terms of Franklin Roosevelt as Commander in Chief.

Bronze statues of the 32nd President of the US, First Lady Anna Eleanor Roosevelt, Roosevelt’s faithful dog named Fala, and famous quotes engraved and waterfalls that cascade over the red granite, perfectly encircle scenes from the economic depression period.

The depression period scenes in the memorial are informal chats, one that depicts people who wait in a line for bread. The memorial provides visitors with an insight into President Roosevelt’s trials and tribulations. Visiting the memorial on private Washington DC tours is going to be an insightful experience to lovers of history. The location is also a must-visit for sightseers.

Much like most memorials along the Mall, this one is also free of cost. The rangers of National Park Service are there to assist those who visit from 09:30 am to 10:00 pm and to provide interpretive programs all day and on request.

Several cherry blossom trees along the Tidal Basin area offer one of the best sights for those on private tours Washington DC. That is the reason why the Roosevelt Memorial attracts tourists during the National Cherry Blossom Festival, which is held during the spring season from mid March to April. Many of the natives and tourists gather in this area to get a reflection of the blossomed cherry on the Tidal Basin.

The memorial site is home to several water features too. They include one comprised of a large drop depicting economy’s crash that led to the early 20th Century depression, star-like drops honoring the dam construction project of Tennessee Valley Authority, chaotic falls signifying the Second World War, and a pool that stands for Roosevelt’s demise.

Roosevelt was the one who guided the country through the depression and the wartime during his four presidential terms, thus it is fitting the President be honored with a National Mall memorial. However, did you know there is one more memorial devoted to him?

As per Roosevelt’s request to Supreme Court’s Justice Felix Frankfurter, the Congress placed a stone the size of a desk and a plaque in his honor. Of course, Congress decided to honor him with a bigger memorial years later.

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