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Washington DC did not have a great number of coffee shops until recently. However, you can find several quality shops in DC today, and there is something for everyone here. Below are some of the best coffee shops that you must visit during or after your DC bus tours.

Vigilante Coffee in Hyattsville

This is one of the best coffee shops in the neighborhood. They do the roasting here in the shop and are well brewed, meaning that you will not have to add any extra features. The place sells a different range of breakfast items and pastries too, while you are also allowed to bring your own food to the table. The architecture of the place is really interesting with a host of wall plants and an attractive floor plan.

Peregrine at Union Market NE

Peregrine is a place that shifted its coffee from Counter Culture to Small Planes Coffee. Though many customers have understood the change, the quality is just about keeping them at the same place. The café is located within one of the most attractive indoor markets of DC. The only trouble is that it is usually crowded on all days, especially on Sundays. You may still find a seat outside though. Further, you can grab your favorite pastries from Bluebird Bakery and work with the Free Wi-Fi on.

Potter’s House in Adams Morgan NW

Their coffee is decent, but their cappuccino is one of the best in DC. The place has been a community hotspot since the 1960’s and the whole arrangement of the place supports social gatherings and activities. It offers good Wi-Fi connectivity and you can also work comfortably from here. The place is easily accessible as it is just a 10-minute walk from the Columbia Heights Metro.

Swings on 14th Street Downtown NW

Swings is a great destination for the coffee enthusiasts as it has been in the brewing business for over 100 years. The café is housed in the ground floor of an office building. The interior is cozy with a few tables on the sides. There are excellent bagels and pastries served here, so you can visit the place without any worries of missing anything. Besides, this place is a short walk away from the White House. The highlights of the architecture include ceiling-high windows and patterned tiles.

The Wydown on H Street NE

The Wydown Coffee Shop is a place where you can get any type of coffee or hot beverage. The baristas here are highly skilled and can serve you according to your tastes. In fact, the place resembles a cocktail bar rather than a coffee bar. The place is located close to Union Station. It is constructed with adorable tiles and wooden tiles beneath and the 1960’s lighting has been used. There are many seats available, but the sad part is that the place does not have Wi-Fi.

Colony Club in Park View NW

They make excellent coffee that teeters between rich and smooth. It is overall an entertaining place. The first floor stands out aesthetically, while the second floor has a ping-pong table that keeps the energy levels up. The building has been designed creatively with a blend of minimalist and semi-modern style. The lights are also an attractive aspect of this café. It is a 10-minute walk away from the Columbia Heights Metro and you can easily visit the place when on your DC bus tours. The baristas here are very amiable as well.

Big Bear Cafe in Bloomingdale

Big Bear Café serves Ceremony Coffee acquired from Baltimore, Maryland. They have an interesting serving lineup of hot beverages and cold drinks; decaf drinks are also available here. Besides, the latte served here is silky smooth. The interior has a very attractive design, which is made possible by the patio full of plants and ivy covered walls. There are also wood tables, wood floors, and a wood bar. No wonder, the place is used as a venue for weddings sometimes. This place is ideal for interior photography too because of the rich green walls and the wooden themed interior.

The Coffee Bar in Downtown NW

The coffee served in The Coffee Bar is characterized by the excellent flavor, but their latte is their specialty. The place is comparatively small with a long table in the center and there are a few window seats. The Coffee Bar usually serves the downtown workers and it is very close to National Geographic building as well as the Farragut North Metro. The neon lights and the latte art are some of the eye-catching attractions of the café.

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