The Perfect Places to Pick Apples on the Virginia side of D.C.

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A lot of people come by strong and positive feelings from something as basic as a change of season, especially the start of fall. This is one time of year you would be feeling some pleasant crispiness in the air, and also when videos of active pumpkin people start hitting the internet. In D.C., another big sign that marks the arrival of the new season, at least on the Virginia side, is the sight of so many people heading off to pick apples.

One of the best ways to spend some time with nature is by getting off at Virginia while on Washington DC bus tours. This would really give you some time to relax from the busyness of city life. It is also a good idea to go drive to Virginia as this would help you to stop by the important spots. Below are some of the apple orchards you would be able to find in this place.

Dickie Brothers’ Orchard

This orchard is located at a distance of three-hour drive from Washington DC. You would be able to find this orchard as you move along towards the southwest region of Charlottesville. The orchard is situated in an extensive landscape. This could also be counted amongst the oldest operating farms in Virginia. This farm has always been productive from the year 1750 onwards; this means that the farm is over 200 years old.

The farm runs continually in the hands of the same family as this land was given to them by King George II. This beautiful orchard is pressed against the Appalachian Mountains. It is the cool air from the mountain that gives a wonderful flavor and color to the apple. If you happen to be at this place during the time of their harvest calendar then you should obviously watch out for Empire, Granny Smith and Red Delicious apples.

Stribling Orchard

Stribling Orchard is just an hour drive away from Washington DC. This beautiful orchard has a vast area with about 15 acres of peach trees and 30 acres of apple trees. You could also find a bakery near this area. The bakery would be open every weekend. This place also offers you a silent atmosphere for you to relax and stroll across the area. During your peaceful walk, you may also most likely come across many boxes containing beehives. You would also be able to see the heap of ripe apples that are clustered underneath the tree.

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