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Choosing a tour guide can be the most important and deciding aspect of your tours. Making a mistake with that is likely to cause many troubles in the long-run. Many people end up choosing guides who can barely understand, who walk away on a group and leave many people stranded, who just make up a lot of stories and facts about the place, who spend most of their time complaining about the politics in the country, and so on. These can bring up a lot of headaches to you letting you do not have the experience you wanted to have from a tour.

The choice of the right tour guide for your private tour in Washington can be very beneficial for your Private Washington DC Tours, especially when you are someone from outside. Here are some important things to keep in mind while selecting your tour guide.

Define a Time-frame for Your Tour 

Always look forward to allotting fixed time in your mind while you reach out to prospective guidelines before starting with your tour. Keep in mind to provide the specific dates to guides for touring the outsets; this can help them make themselves comfortably available for you on the dates you prefer.

Ask Your Friends and Colleagues for Referrals 

One of the best ways to select a guide is through personal recommendations. You can ask your friends and colleagues who have visited the places about the experiences with the guides they’ve chosen for their private tours. You can also read testimonials and check references.

Check out the Major Online Travel Forums

With the advancement of technology, most of the information about travel is available on the Internet. You can ask questions through online travel forums; your questions will be answered by plenty of experts who are ready to give you free advice.

Always Make Sure to Work with Guides Who are Licensed

Licensed tour guides are the best professionals in the travel industry all over the world. Guides mostly need academic studies to become licensed professionals in the tourism industry. Always make sure to work with guides who prominently display their license all the time, as it is required by the local law.

Get to Know about the Expertise of the Guide 

Licensed guides receive the education and training that concerns a wide range of topics, and need to acquire certain specifications after licensing. For example, if you wish to go on nature hiking, make sure to select a guide who has amble knowledge about all the hiking routes and heights. Make sure to specify the specific areas of knowledge that are most important to you.

Choose Guides who have Good Proficiency in English

Even though many guides possess a strong command over the English language, a heavy accent can sometimes be problematic. If you feel like having a chance for this to happen, make a phone or Skype call with the guide before finalizing them.

Allow the Guide the First Stab at Your Journey

Allow your guide to present a first draft of your journey, after sharing your religious background, interests, time and constraints with the budget. You can then use the draft as the basis for further interactions with the guide to fine-tune the journey to meet your satisfaction.

Enquire and clarify about the Mode of Transportations that would be Chosen

One of the most important things to clarify with your tour guide is the type of transportation you would be choosing if your tour is likely to involve a vehicle. Details like the seats, insurance and licensing of the vehicles should be checked. You will have to make sure that these factors are in place. Many other factors like – whether the vehicles are Sport Utility Vehicles (SUVs), vans or minibuses-, who does the driving, the payment days of the vehicles, etc. should be clarified with the guide before starting on the journey.

Clarify about the Terms and Method of Payment with the Guide

A non-refundable deposit has mostly to be paid for booking the time of a guide for him/her to draft a personalized itinerary for you. You will have to get clarity about the deposit and the method through which it can be paid like credit cards, cash, and bank transfer. PayPal etc., most of which are used by most private guides.

Discuss with them and ask them about the mode that is preferred by them and do the transaction. Keep in mind to ensure that your guide defines a clear payment schedule before your arrival and the amount that has been paid mostly in cash at the end of the tour. Get to know about the cancellation policy of your guide if at all you wish to cancel your trip.

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