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The Independence Day of United States of America, which is observed on July 4 each year, calls for fireworks. This is often abbreviated as July 4th fireworks, which begins in Washington DC at nightfall, or usually after 09:00 pm. If you are planning to celebrate the occasion, check out a compilation of some of the best places from where you can enjoy the US Independence Day fireworks when on private Washington DC tours.

Along the National Mall

Most of the attractions along the Mall, which range from the steps of Lincoln Memorial to an area in front of the monument devoted to Thomas Jefferson, tend to get crowed to celebrate July 4th fireworks. The Mall gives you a spot to view the pyrotechnics full of colors on the air, but you need to get here early to get the best views of the fireworks. You can even bring blankets and beach chairs to create a mini-picnic spot and have a cracking good time.

Across River Potomac in DC

Watching the fireworks from across this famous river can be exciting. You can find many national monuments across it. One of them, Iwo Jima Memorial in Virginia, which is devoted to the Marine officers who paid the ultimate sacrifice in the Battle of Iwo Jima, can be an ideal spot to watch the Independence Day celebrations. With a sublime statue serving as its backdrop, the glitter of the fireworks on an evening holds significant meaning to most of the tourists and natives.

US Supreme Court Plaza

This majestic building of the Supreme Court of the United States situated along the Capitol Building has a two hundred and fifty foot wide plaza, which is not only spacious but also an ideal place to get clear views of the July 4th fireworks that bursts up in the air. Yet again, you have to make sure to get here as early as possible to enjoy the show to the fullest.

There are several other areas to enjoy the special occasion when on private Washington DC tours as well, such as the Washington National Cathedral, Hains Point along East Potomac Park, etc. In fact, you can even choose rooftop bars in Washington DC neighborhoods to get absorbing views of the Independence Day fireworks.

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