Top Four Things to Do in Presidents Day Weekend

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Presidents Day is a great occasion to visit the capital city, Washington DC, and honor the most famous leaders of the United States of America. The national holiday was a commemoration of the first American president, George Washington. After his demise, the US started to observe February 22 as a way to commemorate George Washington’s life, and the way the great man contributed to establishing the US’s independence.

The nation started celebrating Abraham Lincoln’s birthday starting in 1866, a year after ‘Honest Abe’ was assassinated. Until 1971, the US observed February 12 and 22 as public holidays. Richard Nixon then combined both into one in 1971, and Americans have honored all previous presidents on February’s third Monday since then.

Washington DC host special festivities right through the weekend. Scroll through to learn about unique ways to observe Presidents Day and a range of attractions in the District.

Celebrate the Birthday of Abraham Lincoln

Go to the Lincoln Memorial in DC and honor the birthday of Abraham Lincoln at a publicly held wreath-laying ritual with a recital of Honest Abe’s “Gettysburg Address”.

This is one of the popular times to explore the memorial in the US capital. The historic landmark gives panoramic views of Washington DC, and it is a top tourist attraction.

Attend the George Washington Birthday Parade

America holds the biggest Presidents’ Day Parade each year in Alexandria, along the boulevards where Washington once walked. February 17, 2020, is the next date slated to hold the parade. Spend the day traveling around historic venues in the Old Town Alexandria neighborhood.

Visit Mount Vernon to Celebrate George Washington’s Birth Anniversary

Mount Vernon was the home of the “Father of His Country”. The estate spans 500 acres of land, and it is a popular tourist attraction in Virginia. It offers special events for the weekend visitors including wreath-laying ceremony, music and demonstrations, as well as storytelling. This is a great occasion to go to the historic tourist attraction and learn about George Washington’s life. You will be glad to know that admission is free of cost on Presidents Day.

Go to the National Portrait Gallery

Catch the “American Presidents” exhibition and see their portraits, including works of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington. On the weekend, this gallery of art will offer a range of family-friendly activities, including calligraphy workshops, scavenger hunts, music, hands-on activities, and games.

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