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When it is about exploring the US capital city, it is always economical to avail Washington DC bus tours. That way, you can see most of the important spots in the city at an affordable price; even better if you can avail a transportation pass. Note that one of the underrated, but extremely beautiful places in the city is the Theodore Roosevelt Island.

Theodore Roosevelt Island

Theodore Roosevelt was the 26th president of the United States. He was an ardent conservationist who was always keen on preserving the wildlife and nature. Theodore Roosevelt Island is a 91-acre wilderness preserve that is built in the memory of the mustachioed president. The memorial is formed in order to honor his contributions to the conservation of national parks, bird refuges, wildlife, public lands for forests, and monuments.

Things to See

In the island, you can see a wide variety of flora and fauna along a footpath of 2½ miles. Additionally, there is also a 17-foot bronze statue of the president himself at the center of the island. In order to offer more information to the visitors regarding the contributions of Roosevelt, there are four 21-foot granite tablets, which are inscribed with his conservation philosophies.

Apart from this, there are two beautiful fountains as well on the island in order to lift up the overall ambiance of the land mass. In short, Theodore Roosevelt Island is a perfect spot to stop by during your Washington DC bus tours.

Things to Do

There are three trails in the Theodore Roosevelt Island; the Swap trail, which is 1.5 miles long and entails a peaceful walk through the woods and marshes. The Woods Trail, which is 0.33 miles long, is ideal for those who prefer to stop by the Memorial Plaza on the way. If you wish to explore the length of the island, the Upland Trail, that is 0.75 miles long, will be the perfect option for you.

How to Reach Theodore Roosevelt Island

You can only travel to this wonderful island only from the northbound streets of George Washington Memorial Parkway. In the island, you can spot the parking lot at the northern side of the Roosevelt Bridge. Note that parking spaces are limited here and tends to fill up quickly, especially during the weekends.

You can also walk to the island through the pedestrian bridge that is located two blocks from the Rosslyn circle. In case of bicycle riders, you cannot take your cycles to the island but can lock them up in the parking lot.

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