Unique Attractions to Visit When on Washington DC Bus Tours

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Tourist Attractions In Washington DC

When on a trip to Washington DC, people often make it a point to visit landmarks along the National Mall. Yet again, the District has to offer several unusual destinations as well that should be made part of a DC bus tours itinerary. Below is a compilation of some offbeat locations to visit in Washington DC to enjoy your trip to the fullest.

The Big Chair Sculpture in Anacostia

Once, this “Chair” was surveyed by Smithsonian Institution as part of its nationwide survey titled “Save Outdoor Sculpture”. At around 20 feet, it scales as high as the Statue of Freedom situated on top of the Capitol Building. This sculpture not only offers a unique sight to the tourists and photographers but also serves as a gathering spot for those in the neighborhood.

Street Art in Washington DC

The murals on buildings along the citywide streets teem with vibrant colors. Depending on where you are heading to, you might come across murals of Elizabeth Taylor to Marilyn Monroe, and several other street arts commissioned by museums. Some of the iconic murals in the District can be seen on Ben’s Chili Bowl restaurant on U Street corridor. Yet again, places such as Blind Whino, Columbia Heights, and NoMa neighborhoods have their own set of street art to captivate tourists.

Sunset Viewing Spot nearby Key Bridge

There is no shortage of art on top of Graffiti Cliffs situated somewhat parallel to the arch bridge in Washington DC, which connects those from Georgetown neighborhood to Virginia. Covering everything from Superman logo graffiti to funky-looking Do-It-Yourself works of art, the cliffs here offer a stunning sunset viewing spot along the Potomac River, with the waterfront and Arlington skyline lingering afar.

The Titanic Memorial

This monument was commissioned by Congress during the 1910’s and donated by thousands of Americans. Situated near the Washington Channel in the Southwest Waterfront neighborhood, it was built to commemorate the men who sacrificed their lives for women and kids when RMS Titanic sank to the depths of the North Atlantic Ocean in 1912. The posture of the statue is similar to Hollywood star Kate Winslet’s pose at the helm of RMS Titanic, a scene that featured in James Cameron’s movie based on the tragic sinking.

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