Visiting the National Cherry Blossom Festival in 2019

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When you see the banks of the Potomac River covered in lashes of pink cherry blossoms in the spring, you know there are probably several fascinating plans in the kitty for millions of fans. The gift of Cherry trees from Tokyo is remembered every single year. As every other year, visitors will be getting to see a diverse blend of American and Japanese traditions this year as well. Min programs and events are scheduled from March 20 to April 13.

How It All Began

Way back in 1912, just after the first World War, Japan and the US shared a great friendship, considering they were together among the Allied powers. In remembrance of that, around 3000 Cherry trees arrived in Washington DC on the 27th of March. It was a simple ceremony: then First lady of the US, Helen Herron Taft, the Japanese Ambassador’s wife, Viscountess Chinda, planted the first two trees on the western side of the Potomac River.

Pink Tie Party: March 22

This kickoff party is celebrated mainly as a fundraiser of the whole event. Everything here has a pink look; you see pink attires and settings aplenty. Live music and frisky dancing will set the perfect celebration mode.

Opening Ceremony: March 23

Officially, this day would be considered as the opening of the whole event. Warner Theatre will schedule performances by both American and Japanese entertainers.

Kite Festival: March 30

Kites will be flung over the grounds of several historic American monuments grounds, especially the National Mall. There will be demonstrations, along with competitions like Hot Tricks Showdown and Rokkaku Battles.

Petalpalooza: April 6

This is kind of the main celebration day of the festival, with music performed on outdoor stages and interesting activities held at the Wharf. It is further boosted with product giveaways and spectacular fireworks later in the night. A stroll along the banks of the Potomac gives a beautiful sight of the night.

Cherry Blossom Parade: April 13

Tradition and customs of Americans are celebrated in the vibrant parade. The procession starts off along Constitution Avenue. Washington DC bus tours provide special packages to witness the huge helium Balloons, bands, colorful floats, and installations from across the nation, along with performances by celebrity artists, which are worthwhile watching.

Sakura Matsuri Street Festival: April 13

This is particularly set aside for the affable country of Japan, and is consequently the largest Japanese cultural gathering in the US. All fans of Japanese culture attend in order to cherish authentic Japanese vibes.

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