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Washington DC will be on the bucket list of almost every passionate traveler. After all, the city is perfect to give you an in-depth idea of the history and political background of the United States. However, this does not mean that DC is only a perfect destination for the history buffs and political enthusiasts out there. In fact, there are many interesting and welcoming things in the city, which are ideal for any kind of tourists.

One of the main highlights in Washington DC is the diversity in the lifestyle here. In fact, four out of every ten household in the city speaks a tongue other than English. As a result, you can enjoy a number of cultures, festivals, and traditions in the US capital city. Similarly, there are many other reasons that that explain why you must pick Washington DC as your next travel destination.

The Museums

The best way to get to know the soul of Washington DC is to visit any of the magnificent museums located here. Note that eleven out of nineteen Smithsonian museums are located in the capital city of the United States. In order to know about the past, present, and future of the nation, go to the Museum of National History or the National Museum of American History. In case you are more into science, the National Air and Space Museum will be perfect for you.

The Food

One of the main things that every tourist looks for while visiting an alien place is to taste the authentic food there. DC is rich in this aspect as well; you can find everything you need here such as burger joints, street food market, pizza spots, fine dining options, and many more. The main attraction here is that travelers on any budget can enjoy the local cuisine here since DC has a wide variety of eateries at an affordable price range. Make sure to get into any of the bakeries here and enjoy the signature desserts and cupcakes of DC, or enjoy a beverage at any of the cozy bars.

The Georgetown Area

The fact that Georgetown is located in Washington DC itself is a huge reason to choose the capital city as your next travel destination. This magical town located at the heart of the city can be described as a breath of fresh air that is secluded from the hustle and bustle of Washington City. You can simply stroll through the Georgetown area enjoying the spectacular view of the Potomac River and numerous shops on the bay. Go for kayaking or paddle boating if you are more of an adventurous kind.

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